Lucky Hari Hari Results 29 August 2022

Lucky Hari Hari

There are so many popular 4-digit lotteries that are popular all over the world. And Cambodia is one of them. It has soo many popular lotteries that locals love to play. This local version of the game is called lucky Hari Hari. and even the sound of it makes it fun. 

Lucky Hari Hari Results

Date: 29-08-2022 (Mon)
1st Prize 首獎0468
2nd Prize 二獎3994
3rd Prize 三獎2452
Special 特別獎
Consolation 安慰獎

If you have never heard of a lottery name Lucky Hari Hari, well today s your day. We will tell you everything about Lucky Hari Hariand what it offers to the people. There isn’t enough information about Lucky Hari Hari but don’t worry we’re here and we will try to explain everything about it. 

What Is Lucky Hari Hari

Lucky Hari Hari is nothing more than a mystery. There is no doubt that the Facebook pages of Lucky Hari Hari are quite active but if you search for it online, you wouldn’t find any authentic information about it. As the original website is completely empty. 

But with its increasing draws and winning prizes, Lucky Hari Hari seems to be getting a lot of buzz.


The draw happens at 19:00 according to Asia/Phanom time. 

How To Play

Lucky Hari Hari is just like any other 4 digit game. And to play the game all you need is to select 4 digits from 0000 to 9999. It is up to you how you chose the 4 digits. Numbers can repeat and numbers can be different. 

And to win the game you have to match the number with the draw numbers. And your numbers should be in order with the draw numbers. Only then you can win the lottery. Otherwise, you have to try again. 

Also, the advantage of Lucky Hari Hari is that you can choose the amount on which you are going to bet. The big bet includes a more huge number of prizes however lower payouts. The small bet is described by just a first, second, and third award level. Since the awards are restricted, they’re greater.

Lucky Hari Hari accompanies a base bet of $1 per four-digit number. The sort of wagered is insignificant.

Lucky Hari Hari Online

Lucky Hari Hari is an exciting game that is described by generally great chances of winning an award. The inquiry here is whether you could play this online.

At the time being, Lucky Hari Hari doesn’t have an authority online stage that empowers the obtaining of lottery tickets.

Games from Cambodia aren’t accessible through global lottery administrators by the same token. In the event that you are in another nation and you might want to test your luck, the main choice you’ll have in front of you is making a trip to Cambodia.